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Waxing in Miami, FL


Tired of unwanted body hair? Sick of shaving every few days, only for hair to grow back coarse and rough, with the occasional ingrown hair? At City Glow Florida, we recommend waxing! We introduce Miami, FL residents to the many benefits of waxing, so they can enjoy soft, smooth skin everywhere on their bodies—without worrying about shaving!

From brow and lip waxing to Brazilian waxing for your bikini zone, there’s nothing like the feel of being freshly waxed.  Your skin will be soft to the touch, without any razor irritation, bumps or burning. And, best of all, the results last for weeks!

Face Wax

Full Face

$ 55


$ 25


$ 15

$ 20



$ 15


$ 10


$ 15

Bikini Wax


$ 35

Deep Bikini

$ 45


$ 55

Body Wax


$ 20

Half Back

$ 25

Half Arms

$ 25

Full Arms

$ 40

Half Legs

$ 40

Full Back

$ 50


$ 25

Stomach Strip

$ 20

Full Legs

 $ 60


$ 25

The Best of Berodin Wax


When it comes to waxing results, the products you use matter. That’s why, at City Glow Florida, we use only the best products from Berodin wax in our waxing procedures. These products were developed specifically for body waxing and utilize a special polymer formulation to improve smoothness, reduce discomfort and ensure lasting results. 

We Make Waxing Worth It


Many of our first-time waxing clients in Miami, FL are anxious about waxing because they’ve heard that it hurts or that it’s uncomfortable. We understand these concerns and do everything we can to make waxing as comfortable and pain-free as possible. This includes using essential oils—like the natural, soothing aromas of jasmine, lavender and chamomile—combined with the caring, gentle hands of our professionals. 

Enjoy Smooth, Supple Skin

Whether you’re here to get your brows and lips waxed or you’re due for a full Brazilian waxing, City Glow Florida will make sure you leave feeling confident and carefree. No more razors. No more hair creams. No more discomfort! Call us today at 786-360-2265 to schedule a waxing appointment and take advantage of the many benefits that come with it. Get ready to experience a whole new level of lasting smoothness!

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