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City Glow Florida Team

We are group of caring and continuously evolving professionals, driven by a deep-rooted passion for our craft and unwavering ethics. We strive to make you glow from the inside out, embracing your unique beauty with every service we provide.



Our dedicated lash artist and beauty expert, renowned for transforming your eyes into captivating work of art. With meticulous touch, Anastasia specializes in eyelash extensions, ensuring you leave the most stunning and alluring lashes. In addition to this expertise, she is also waxing & sugaring specialist and accomplished esthetician, providing a full range of beauty services. 


Our well-rounded beauty expert with creative twist. With a background in the arts, she brings unique artistic touch to everything she does. As a skilled esthetician, Elena is all about making your skin look and feel its best. She is also a talented permanent makeup artist, so you can trust her to enhance your features with precision. 



Our devoted esthetician and skincare expert with a passion for pampering your skin. With years of experience, she is a master of rejuvenation and relaxation, specializing in facial massage techniques, including the Sculp-Lifting method, designed to lift and revitalized your skin. Whenever you're seeking a tranquil escape or effective skincare solutions, Svetlana is your trusted guide to radiant, healthy skin.


Our skilled lash artist with knack for creating breathtaking, cutting-edge lashes. With an unwavering focus on enhancing your natural allure, she is your go-to expert for mesmerizing lashes that make a statement. Aliyah is your trusted expert for achieving a look that's truly one of a kind. 

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