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Spray Tan in Miami, FL

Want a bronzed tone and beautiful complexion, without spending time in tanning beds or out in the sun? Get a flawless tan at City Glow Florida! We offer sunless tanning options to residents of Miami, FL, so they can get the color they desire, without all those awkward tan lines or time spent baking in tanning beds!

Tanning makes you look healthier and thinner, and can even out your skin tone. It even makes your teeth look whiter! It’s one of the best ways to give yourself an infusion of self-confidence that lasts as long as your tan does. 

Custom Spray Tan

$ 50

Setting Time - 8hrs

Developing Time - 24hrs

Quick rinse with cool/warm water in 8hrs, or later for more intense color. 

No soap, no lotion for 24 hrs

Pack of 3

Custom Spray Tans

$ 135

Face Spray Tan

$ 15

Rapid Spray Tan

$ 60

Setting Time - 1 to 3 hrs

Developing Time - 24 hrs

Rinse off the bronzer in 1-3 hrs

Better control of the final result's intensity. Quick rinse with cool/warm water in 1- 1 1/2 hr for the light, 2 hrs for medium and 3 hrs for darkest result. You'll see medium result right after the application and can determine the time of the rinse accordingly.

No soap, no lotion for 24 hrs

Pack of 3

Rapid Spray Tans

$ 165

Half Body

( Upper or Lower )

$ 30

Avoid the Dangers of UV Exposure


Nowadays, we’re all aware of how dangerous excess exposure to the sun can be. It’s linked to everything from rashes to skin cancer. It’s why more and more people in Miami, FL are turning to spray tan for the coloring they want. 
The beauty of spray tanning—aside from the simplicity and safety—is that it not only gives you a gorgeous, luxurious glow, it’s also packed with anti-aging benefits and antioxidants. Tanning actually helps skin stay hydrated, which makes your skin tone look more even and natural.

Norvell Tanning Solution


At City Glow Florida, we don't settle for anything less than the best. That's why we chose Norvell for our spray tanning solution. Norvell is a renowned and worldly acclaimed company in the spray tanning industry. It’s rated the number one sunless tanning brand by professional spray tan artists!

Get a Custom Spray Tan Solution

With numerous options for tanning color and hue, City Glow Florida will work with you to determine the best approach to sunless tanning. You’ll get the color you want, alongside the many benefits for your skin! Call us today to schedule a tanning appointment at 786-360-2265 and consult with our experts to get the very best tan. 

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