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Eyelash Extensions in Miami, FL


The Eyes is the Mirror of the Soul, give that Mirror the Beautiful Frame!

If you dreaming of beautiful, long eyelashes without a hassle of mascara or gluing strips, than Eyelash Extensions it's your dream come true! Whatever your wish is just to simply make your eyes more defined or to achieve mysterious dramatic flare, our highly trained and qualified specialist will give you the look that you desire!

We work with Xtreme Lashes, which is the world's most trusted name in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. They are faux mink eyelashes that designed to look and feel like a natural lash. They absolutely safe and bring no harm to your own lashes. There is a broad spectrum of different styles and techniques in Xtreme lashes, so you and our stylist can create a custom look to suit you the best!

                     Classic            Hybrid / Volume          Mega Volume  
1 week                   $50                                     $60
2 weeks                 $70                                     $80
3 weeks                 $90                                    $100
4 weeks                 $110                                   $120
5 weeks                 $130                                   $140                                               
Eyelash Extensions

Want lashes that GLAM and BAM when you batt them? Come to City Glow Florida for eyelash extensions! Whether you’re getting ready for a special event or just love the look of long, bold lashes, we’re the destination for professional lash extensions in Miami, FL. From first dates to gala events, we’ve helped ladies throughout the area get lashes they love, without the hassle of mascara or glue strips.

Experience Xtreme Lashes

We work with Xtreme Lashes: the world’s most trusted name in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. They’re made of faux mink material, designed to look and feel like natural lashes. They’re absolutely safe and won’t harm your natural lashes. We recommend them to all our clients looking for eyelash extensions that look great, last long and are safe for extended wear. 
The best part about Xtreme Lashes is how broadly customizable they are. There’s a full spectrum of different styles and techniques associated with Xtreme Lashes, so you and your stylist can create a custom look that looks flawless on you. 

Why Get Semi-Permanent Lashes?

When you put on mascara, eyeshadow and other makeup, you want to accent your features and make your style pop. Long lashes complete the look! They’re instantly recognizable and bring attention right to your eyes, so you can put emphasis on your best feature first. Here’s a look at some of the best reasons to choose semi-permanent lash extensions instead of out-of-the-box kits:

  • No dealing with glue strips or adhesives that hurt to apply

  • Natural look that blends with your existing lashes

  • Better quality material (faux minx) than box lashes

  • Long-lasting and easier to care for than box lashes

If you’re making the decision to get longer, bolder lashes, make the decision to come to City Glow Florida for semi-permanent lash extensions in Miami, FL. They’re well-worth the money!

Get Great Lashes!

We can’t all be born with long, bold, amazing lashes—but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them! Schedule your appointment with City Glow Florida today at 786-360-2265 to experience Xtreme Lashes and all the benefits that come with them. 


Classic Set

2 hr  |   $165
hybrid-volume-eyelash extensions

Hybrid/Volume Set

2 hr  |  $195
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